Macky D’s…Health Warning Req’d !!

I am hoping that I have managed to successfully upload a picture with this blog, some visuals can be life changing afterall !! If not request me at Ali Teague on Facebook !

If not then I shall describe for you….two very large pale and pastie pieces of bacon fat on a breakfast muffin.  No bacon…just the fat ! Obviously, it must have been nasty or I would’nt feel compelled to blog about it, value for money do you think ? Healthy…rhetorical question…

I have posted the photo directly on to their UK Facebook page, have tweeted the same on to their UK Twitter page and of course on to my own Facebook profile.

Whilst I’m on the subject, lets look at how many times a basic food order has appeared wrong or how often on a drive-thru you are asked to park up in a waiting bay for your ‘fast food’ !

The Americans I am sure would find it very amusing, wish I could feel the same !



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2 Responses to Macky D’s…Health Warning Req’d !!

  1. carla says:

    Just looked up for the picture on the facebook page and I think I nearly threw up in my mouth ( I’m not a fan of fat!) Not nice I hope you complained instore too xxx

  2. Hi Carla ! Disgusting isnt it…to be honest, I am past complaining instore because the response is so insincere, I now just take pics for evidence and email/post directly and send it viral, glad your reaction was as strong as mine !

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