How Much !!!!!!!!!

I’m not a mean person, for cake and coffee I’ll spend money,  but The Garden Centre Group must have been begging for an e-mail off me yesterday ! 

Just how much would you expect to pay for a very ordinary Strawberry Tart (an end-of-day Tart at that, tired and dry) from your local garden centre ?….not £3.29 I’m sure, and this was WITHOUT a drink ! I love my coffee and know a good one when I taste it, I can’t even rave about the ‘largish’ so-called Americano priced at £2.39…it was mediocre at best !

How can you possibly justify these prices Country Gardens…just who is your target market I wonder, it cant be Mom’s with toddlers with a small Fruit-Shoot costing £1.59, I wont be letting this one lie. I have e-mailed the Group directly, I’ll keep you posted…

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2 Responses to How Much !!!!!!!!!

  1. carla says:

    That’s so exspensive! Costa don’t even charge that much for tarts but when they do you expect tastiness and you get it! Madness

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