Macky D’s…Health Warning Req’d !!

I am hoping that I have managed to successfully upload a picture with this blog, some visuals can be life changing afterall !! If not request me at Ali Teague on Facebook !

If not then I shall describe for you….two very large pale and pastie pieces of bacon fat on a breakfast muffin.  No bacon…just the fat ! Obviously, it must have been nasty or I would’nt feel compelled to blog about it, value for money do you think ? Healthy…rhetorical question…

I have posted the photo directly on to their UK Facebook page, have tweeted the same on to their UK Twitter page and of course on to my own Facebook profile.

Whilst I’m on the subject, lets look at how many times a basic food order has appeared wrong or how often on a drive-thru you are asked to park up in a waiting bay for your ‘fast food’ !

The Americans I am sure would find it very amusing, wish I could feel the same !



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Nursing Homes…and all that jazz !

Do I look old enough to be dealing with not one but two elderly relatives in a nursing home ! Do I look responsible enough to have Legal Power of Attorney over one and Court of Protection over the other (so want to put LOL after that bit !)…I do feel slightly ill though when I’m transferring a touch under £5k a month for them both to exist in this home, although I dont have a bad word to say about their care.

The myriad of administration in these situations is huge, the responsibility exhausting, especially when your doing it to take the burden off your own elderly parents who get in a tiz just food shopping (little tired giggle !).

However, I did receive some great news today, one of them has just qualified for Continuing Health Care Funding.  This is yet another assessment that takes place, usually every three months and is very specific.  This has just made the sale of their house just slightly less urgent…oh the joys !

I’ve had so much experience lately in this department that if anyone wishes to contact me, or share their own experiences, please feel free….me, I’m off to bed, after a very large celebratory glass of wine 🙂

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How Much !!!!!!!!!

I’m not a mean person, for cake and coffee I’ll spend money,  but The Garden Centre Group must have been begging for an e-mail off me yesterday ! 

Just how much would you expect to pay for a very ordinary Strawberry Tart (an end-of-day Tart at that, tired and dry) from your local garden centre ?….not £3.29 I’m sure, and this was WITHOUT a drink ! I love my coffee and know a good one when I taste it, I can’t even rave about the ‘largish’ so-called Americano priced at £2.39…it was mediocre at best !

How can you possibly justify these prices Country Gardens…just who is your target market I wonder, it cant be Mom’s with toddlers with a small Fruit-Shoot costing £1.59, I wont be letting this one lie. I have e-mailed the Group directly, I’ll keep you posted…

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Bed & Breakfast Heaven in Devon :)

Nicest surprise of the year so far, a B&B thats virtually faultless ! 

Spotless, warm, a modern and fresh en-suite thats as large the bedroom, the best nights sleep ever thanks to a memory foam mattress and a breakfast that could have fed two ! Breakfast was served in the bedroom which made a refreshing change, and the icing on the cake – owners that left you to it and did’nt want to suck-away your precious time.

Blue Waters is a great base from which to visit both Devon and Dorset, Costa and Tesco are a few hundred yards away, as is the sea !

The only thing I could have asked for in Bedroom 2 was a little bedside table, but lets face it, it’s hardly a deal-breaker ! Fantastic value for money, we’ll certainly be both returning and recommending it !

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Aldi…could it be the ‘new’ Sainsbury’s !

Yesterday, for the first time ever I could’nt afford fruit or veg from a high-street supermarket. 

I stood open-mouthed in shock at the thought of paying £2.25 for a bag of 5 pears from Sainsbury’s, not organic, not special, just a bag of ordinary Conference pears !  The apples and oranges just reflected the same.  Moving further into the store I started to feel bullied by the constant ‘buy 2 for £4’ signs and had palpitations when I saw 3 slices of Sainsbury’s Corned-beef priced at £1.85 !

This was an impromptu shop and I bought little, vowing that things had become so out of hand that big changes were on the horizon ! I’m no stranger to Aldi and with the best wholemeal pittas I have ever tasted priced at 55p for 6 its no wonder its gaining more of the market share ! 

Sainsbury’s, when I can no longer afford to buy my kids the most basic of foods we have a problem…remember who your customers are, your no Waitrose afterall !


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The Ideal Country Pub & Eating House…?

I feel gifted to live a few minutes away from one of the cosiest, destination pubs I know.  So why whenever I visit do I feel disappointed ?  A great menu, consistently good food, nice wines and a seductive atmosphere, so what’s lacking ?

…..on this occasion an atmosphere warm enough to be able to remove my coat and staff experienced enough to be able to deal with over-zealous toddlers invading my adult night out, come on Plough & Harrow, turn on the heating !!


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Shugborough Hall (Staffs)…go equipped !

Visited late March during the first week of opening, it’s a fabulous day out for both couples and families alike, however, if you are hoping for a stress-free food or drink break be prepared !

Be warned, facilities are seriously lacking in this department. With only two tea-rooms on site and both incredibly small for the number of visitors, it’s best to take your own and be prepared during the colder months to return to the car !

The largest, the Lady Walk Tea-Room offers a hot-dining facility, but is totally impractical with very limited seating, and if like me you like to view whats on offer before you buy, forget it – unless you want to look like your queue jumping (never goes down well !). There is additional seating available once you have your hot meal on your tray but you’ll need it covering in foil as it’s in a conservatory outside of the Tea-Room ! With a typical hot meal costing around £8 per person this is a total deal-breaker for me…

Good value though is the Annual Privilege Pass at £56 for a family of two adults and up to three named children ! Without this it would cost £37.50 anyway plus £3 for all-day parking. The Privilege Pass ensures free parking, 20% off any food or drink purchases, 10% off the sweet and gift shop and discounts on events, all-in-all great value for money and a great day out !

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